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Gepherrini, Georgian Brand of Bags, to Launch Footwear Production

Gepherrini, a Georgian brand of bags, will launch footwear production in about 2 months. The company founder Ilia Geferidze told the Commersant that Georgian footwear manufactured under the brand of Gepherrini will be oriented on medium segment and the products will be sold on both domestic and foreign markets, including in France and the USA.

Initially, the company will issue a small number of footwear. In case of success, the production will be expanded.

The Georgian footwear will mainly compete with imported products in terms of quality and prices. Our products will be oriented on medium segment, however, we will also produce expensive products for the US and French markets, the company founder noted.

Geferidze does not unveil investment amount. After footwear, the company will also produce wallets, but this undertaking depends on whether Ministry of Economy finances the company under the state program, he said.

“We have submitted the project. If they approve our product, we will launch wallets production. We need 100 000 GEL loan”, Geferidze said.

Gepherrini produces bags for women, men and children. At this stage, Georgian bags are sold in the USA, France, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. The company plans to enter the Swiss market too, Ilia Geferidze noted.

In Georgia the company owns three stores, two ones in Tbilisi and third one in Batumi. The company owns 16 facilities in Russia.

Gepherrini also manufactures bracelets and passenger bags. Prices range from 23 to 360 GEL.