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Gigi Aronishidze

Georgia’s Winemaking Business Suffers a Blow in 2015: Dugladze Wine Company Evaluates the Year 2015

What is the opinion of Georgian winemakers on the 2015 results? The year was quite problematic, they said. Besides Russian and Ukrainian markets, problems arose in Belarus and Kazakhstan too.

The ongoing political and economic developments in these countries have already made negative effect on exports of Georgian products and revenues of winemaking companies.

CBW offers you exclusive interview with Gigi Aronishidze The marketing director for Dugladze Wine Company.

The year of 2015 was very interesting and full of innovations. Our brand appeared in the Georgian market in 2015.

“The company management decided to carry out the re branding to penetrate new markets and new consumption niches. Consequently, we have made many important changes: we have developed the company brand code and on its ground we have carried out all other works,” Gigi Aronishidze said.

We have settled the brand’s architecture, the brand’s communication platform and so on.  Besides strategic works, we have also determined the company visual identity: new logotype and brand style, packing of full assortment of products and so on.

“In 2015 we have introduced two varieties of the sparkling wine of Samepo (Royal) – semisweet and semidry rose. Moreover, Dugladze Wines and Spirit also offer new products. Everybody remembers distinguished marks of Tbilisi, Eniseli, Very Old, Gremi and Vartsikhe. Our company holds reserves of these valuable drinks. We have decided not to lose this competitive advantage, but to promote it and offer new products under these appellations. We also offer wine brands of 3-5 year age”.

We will introduce Dugladze Wines and Spirit products to both domestic and exports markets in 2016. Our assortments are divided in four groups: top quality wine of indications of specific growth origin, regional wines, table wine Ranina and special wines. The quality and packing of our products have deserved much approval from our partners. They have already made early orders.

We plan to implement many other interesting projects in 2016 through communication of both new and old products.