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Georgia’s top ski resort Gudauri covered with two-meter deep snow

Georgia’s leading ski resort Gudauri is covered with a massive layer of snow as heavy snowfall continues for already one day.

The two-meter snow layer practically isolated the whole resort, while the roads are closed to all directions, including towards Tbilisi and Russia.

The travelers from Tbilisi were not able to move further Pasanauri, a small town 33 kilometers away from Gudauri, where the snow depth reached 170 centimeters.

According to the Mtskheta-Mtianeti Governer Nugzar Kipiani, the rescuers were unable to carry out road cleaning works due to the avalanche danger on the highways. Several avalanches already hit the highway from Pasanauri to Gudauri, but no one was hurt.

Kipiani noted that as the heavy snowfall still continued, the exact time when cleaning works would start was unknown.

“All technique we have in the region is mobilised and we are trying to carry out cleaning works on the roads, but mist and heavy snow work against us. Rescuers are mobilised for 24 hours” he said.

The Governor also said that despite the fact that Gudauri was almost isolated, the goods were enough for all the inhabitants of the resort.

In addition, only one ski-lift worked today in Gudauri due to the bad weather, as it was dangerous to ski on the higher slopes.

The snowfall also turned off electricity in several villages of the region, including Pasanauri, Tsitliani, Bibliani, but currently it has been restored.