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Georgia’s Perspectives in Dubai Market

Georgia’s Perspectives in Dubai Market

Natia Kereselidze, Evergreen Businessmen Services Representative in Georgia

The Dubai Market calls for Georgian small and medium business sector representatives! Evergreen Businessmen Services company has entered the Georgian market with this proposal. Naturally, the question arises about Georgia’s perspectives in a competitive market like Dubai.

We will try to cast light on similar issues. We have talked about the Dubai tax-free market several times. This factor is very important for small and medium business sector representatives in Georgia to be exempted from income and other tax obligations. Similar environment, first, promotes the segment development and the integration in this big market with global scales.

What are the perspectives of the Georgian small and medium business sector representatives to pave the way to such a competitive market as Dubai? I would genuinely agree on the opinion that the healthy competition fosters the business development. Moreover, the small and medium business sectors explore the target market thoroughly to determine how acceptable will be the environment and how their product will be sold on the market. Consequently, this sector is trying to be efficiently represented in the market. Similar companies are far flexible. Therefore, they have advantage to offer special products to the market, as well as special prices and services. Similar conditions ensure their leading positions in the markets.

Amid the current economic situation in Georgia, this is a good opportunity for both small and medium business sectors to make their business more successful, start businesses in Dubai, set up  companies, join this global market that is visited by millions of tourists every year.

Similar environment is attractive for Georgia and is ideal for expansion of business activities. Georgia is rich of the resources the exports of which ensure much competition in the market among valuable and successful companies. The export is one of the important factors that unconditionally ensures and fosters the business sector development.

I believe Georgia’s small and medium business sector should employ this opportunity, launch exports to Dubai and introduce Georgian special products that will offer valuable competition to other advanced companies in the Dubai market.

More than 20 000 business activities operate in Dubai. The segment is not expired, any sector is open to new businesses. The Dubai economic report has showed the following directions are the most requested and successful business sectors:

  • Wholesale-retail trade 25.2%
  • Transport 13.9%
  • Real estate 12.9%
  • Manufacturing – 12.5%
  • Financial Service – 11.6%
  • Construction sector – 7.7%.

Population growth, along with a dynamic real estate market, soaring tourists’ arrivals and healthy trade activity have been the main pillars of the Dubai economy.

In this case, I will overview the business activities that would be more acceptable and suitable for Georgia’s small and medium business sectors.

The Dubai Market Opportunities for Georgia’s Small and Medium Business Sectors

HR Companies are very successful in the Dubai market and there is ideal environment for Georgian HR companies. It is famous the Dubai government publishes over 312 000 vacant positions and therefore, the segment of employers cannot be expired. The number of announced vacancies considerably exceeds the Georgian statistics. The foundation of a HR service agency in Dubai will be very profitable and successful business, taking into account the existing statistical data.

Shipping Companies Fujairah Sea Port  is the major seaport in the world after Singapore that daily handles at least 100 ships and provides all valuable services, including :

  • C Container Handling,
  • General cargo
  • Bulk Cargo
  • Marine Service,
  • Bunkering,
  • M Marine Supply,
  • Livestock

Our company Evergreen Businessmen Service will assist any transportation company in starting business in the world’s largest seaport.

Real Estate Agencies Let’s imagine how profitable the real estate sales in UAE will be compared to the Georgian market. This is additional advantage to draw clients to Georgia for investments. Everybody knows Arabs are interested in Georgia very much. Today a number of projects, many important construction projects are being carried out in Georgia under their management.

Heating, conditioning, refrigerator inventory are also very requested in Dubai and Georgian companies operating in these segments would make serious success in Dubai.

Mineral Water

Mineral water would be the best export item from Georgia to Dubai. This is the minimum list of 20 000 business fields that are published by the Dubai Economic Development Service every year.

Georgia has huge perspective to become a plenipotentiary member of such trade market as Dubai. Therefore, Evergreen Businessmen Services provides all necessary services for business inauguration, including obtaining licenses, local sponsorships, bank services, office rental, HR service, permanent residential visas and so on.

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