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Georgia’s Leading PR Professionals Give their Top Tips

A while ago Caucasus Business Week has started it’s newest category PR, which sooner attracted everyone’s attention.

We have interviewed dozens of Public Relation professionals and enjoyed their brave quotes and helpful pieces of advice. We offer you some of their best tips of being successful and becoming real expert.

Anano Korkia, head of PR and Marketing Department at PASHA Bank Georgia

“One Meeting That Changed Life and Contributed to Professional Growth”

Anano Korkia

“Work is a quiet substantial part of my life; I spend large amount of time at the office, basically like most of us who work at commercial companies. Therefore starting a new job actually means a change of life to me. As an interesting episode that changed my life I can name one unplanned meeting – I remember I was at a presentation in National Bank of Georgia, where I met my old colleague, who told me about the opening at PASHA Bank.”

Kakha Maghradze, senior consultant and clients relations manager for GEPRA consulting company

“PR Campaigns in Georgia Lack for Comprehensive Conceptual Purpose”

Kakha Maghradze: PR Campaigns in Georgia Lack for Comprehensive Conceptual Purpose

“Public relations principles are the same, but in Georgia these principles work in comparatively different way. In Georgia PR campaigns and philosophy lack for comprehensive conceptual purpose. Accent is made on volume and frequency of media coverage, because evaluation mechanisms are limited. In our country relations with media is different. Facebook is managed by different principles and so on”.

Natia Ghlonti, Beeline PR Manager

“Bureaucratic Details Generate Much Discomfort in Working Process”


I have been working for Beeline company for 6 years. My job is the best for my career promotion, because Beeline, as an innovative company, understands new technologies very well as well as the permanent changes in digital works. Consequently, the company understands that my performance should be updated and revised jointly with this continuously changing world. My efforts should comprise both traditional forms of PR and new digital spaces and fields.

Ekaterine Zhvania, CEO of GEPRA Consulting company.

“In PR, Time Genuinely Means Money and We Need to Learn How to Save It”

ekaterine zhvania

“Factors that create major discomforts in the working process is Waiting for a response when the time is deliberately being protracted just to say no. In our field, time genuinely means money and all of us should learn how to better save it. I appreciate timely responses in any case, regardless if the response is negative or positive.

Giorgi Kalatozishvili, head of PR management of Delta state military-technical center

“Georgian PR Remains in Formation Process”

Giorgi Kalatozishvili

99% of PR specialists do not have due experience in strategic PR. They mainly perform functions of relation with media and events management. Only a small part of PR specialists are able to provide complex services for employers, but to a certain degree, this is the fault of employers too.

Elene Otarashvili, head of JSC Château Mukhrani tourism department

“Break out of Established Patterns in Order to Look at Things in a Different Way”

Elene Otarashvili:

“Management of crisis situations is an inseparable part of working process. I always try to transform similar situations into opportunity.   There`s always a way out. Sometimes you should break out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way”

Natalia Zueva, founder and director of PR Office GE PR and Events Agency

“Discipline and Hard Work Are the Secrets to Success”

Natalya Zueva

“You should be disciplined. Day and night, you must think and work hard without complaining to overcome all difficulties. Intuition and instinct are also very important. You should be resistant to stress. You may be an educated person, but it is important to realize that it is impossible to treat different projects identically. It is always necessary to demonstrate new ideas and channels of communication. Lately, old regulations and traditions have lost importance. The internet and social networks have made a revolution in this field and changes continue through an intense regime.”

Mzia Sharashidze, PR Manager of Tbilisi Zoo

“You Should have Ability of Standing up, When you Think Everything is Over”

Mzia Sharashidze

“I have recently read such a thing: «No human exists, who on the verge of death, would dream of time spent at office and job. People mainly regret that they did not spend much time  and did not pay due attention to family, friends and favorite affairs». I am happy, because I do my favorite business. Mondays do not push me into depression and I do not hate going to office.

Tamar Zamtaradze, Head of Marketing department of investment company Alliance Group Holding

“PR Field Makes Progress Every Day in our Country and We have More Potential Today”


“Naturally, international education is better in PR field, but today in Georgia we can replenish gaps thanks to trainings and master classes by various international-level PR and marketing specialists. Good practice was established in our country too, when colleagues share experience to each other. This field makes progress every day in our country and we have more potential today than a little while ago.”

Khatia Alpaidze, Head of PR and Marketing Department at Clean World

“PR and Marketing Specialist Who Writes Fairy Tales in Her Free Time”

Khatia Alpaidze

“In the last period, the demand for valuable PR and Marketer agents are has become more in-grow, because people have understood their importance for organization, but this is a new direction in Georgia anyway. On the one hand, it is clear that PR is good, but they have a little different perception. They think PR should write articles, translate, organize events, order uniforms, draw clients and many similar things.

This signifies the problem hides in ourselves, marketers and PR specialists. There is very few professionals in this field in Georgia and we do not try to improve the situation, to upgrade perception of our potential employers about what is PR, what is marketing, what is promotion, what is event, what is the difference between them, what PR does and so on.

Khatia Shamugia, head of PR and Marketing Department of the ICI-Paris

“Nobody Taught Me PR Management. This is Inherent”


“A PR manager should love the company that he/she works for. Motivation is also necessary, but practical experience brings everything. Nobody has taught me PR management. I suppose this is inherent potential. I love my work so much and that’s why I have grown into a good PR manager. Moreover, the personal nature of a PR manager is very important. A PR manager must be very balanced, calm and able to receive criticism. A good PR manager can either revive or frustrate a company.”

Teona Baghdavadze, Founder of Key Communications PR-Consulting Company

“Staying Away from Political PR”

teona baghdavadze

“This field is being developed very dynamically. I believe our task is to create academic expectations (who act in this field). Some persons manage to do this better, because they work in this direction more, some have less capabilities. However, I do believe that PR as a standard of communications art, should be still developed in Georgia. It is necessary to make mixies in our country.

PR is considered (fairly) one of the stressful professions because it depends on external factors. It is very difficult to determine human behavior in advance. Therefore, ability of keeping good relations with various types of people assists me very much to attain success in this field.”

Ketevan Adeishvili, Head of Sales and Marketing Department of Unix Development Company

“This PR manager Names Three Things You need to Succeed”

Ketevan Adeishvili

“I would  name the following necessary features you need to succeed in Public Relations field in Georgia – commitment, sociability and vigour.”

Lela Tsikhiseli, Comshi PR Agency Director

“Success of Project Depends on PR Company’s Expertise”


“I would not dramatize the reality, but PR concept is a little diminished in our country and  PR is considered to be a simple field. However, PR requires reception, analysis of huge information, going into details. Graduation of certain courses and PR positions at this or that organization does not mean perfect knowledge of this field.

PR cannot be studied at once. Superficial knowledge is useless in this profession. It requires much time and energy in the form investments, on our personal level, first of all. Comprehensive working process and tireless learning process are required in this field.”

Nino Nodia (Zuzu), Pr manager of Voulez Vous

“In PR Practical Efforts Bring The Real Results”

Nino Nodia

“As a rule, everything in Georgia is special. Therefore, it is necessary to have good circle of friends and close people, because when you do this business, you have to get in touch with many fields. Therefore, based on the Georgian set of mind,  it is necessary to have many friends in any field to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

This is an additional mechanism to make PR successfully in Georgia. Special education is very important and necessary for success. However, I think practical efforts bring real results. I do not have special knowledge in this field, I have not attended special courses. I have achieved all this thanks to my intuition, my friends. Moreover, when I do something, I study the product and its pros and cons, because I must be just before myself definitely.”

Iza Gotsadze, Head of Communications at Adjaristsqali Georgia LLC (AGL),

“A Crisis is Just a Challenge That you Can Accept, Overcome, and Use as An Apportunity to Achieve Better Results”

Iza Gotsadze

“I believe that crisis management and making fast decisions under pressure is an important part of any manager’s job. Managing a crisis without harming the quality of work requires not only a strong character but also depends considerably on experience and knowledge. In my 15 years of experience, I have come to learn that a crisis is just a challenge that you can accept, overcome, and use as an opportunity to achieve better results.”