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Georgia’s First Agro-hub Opens in December

Georgia’s first “Agro-hub” market will open in the near future.”Agro-hub” General Director, Giorgi Jashiashvili, says that $15 million was invested in the project. According to him, “Agro-hub” will officially open in December, Commersant reports.

Jashiashvili notes his coperation will sell fresh, organic and healthy agricultural products at agro-hub. The company will have dairy processing plants producing 100% natural dairy products, such as sour cream, yogurt and various other types of cheese (Sulguni, Imeruli, etc.). Dairy products produced by the company will be sold under the “Agro-hub” brand.


Additionally,  “Agro-hub ” will offer customers different products, such as pastries, hot and cold dishes, salads and seafood. “The seafood culture still does not exist in Georgia. For this reason, we want to offer our customers fresh and live seafood, such as octopi, lobsters and a large assortment of fish,” Jashiashvili says.


The company has its own poultry, beef and pork farms supplying healthy meat to the agro-hub market.

In the “Agro-hub ” cellar, customers will be able to buy 11 types of wine. This is  in addition to “family” jams and pickles meeting modern standards.

The company’s CEO says that the introduction of the  ISO 22000 standards is currently underway. To ensure the quality of the products, “Agro-hub” will have three types of laboratories: physical-chemical, microbiological and veterinary. The company will fully equip the laboratories with European installations.


Jashiashvili discusses the company’s future plans, noting that next year it plans to add new markets in Tbilisi and other regions.