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Georgians Created a New Social Network

The Georgians have created a new social network. “In2circle.com” is another form of communication on the Internet, which unlike other social networks, unites people with the common interests – hobbies, profession, tastes.

As the authors say, this social network has no analogue.

In a conversation with  “Commersant”,  one of the founders  of “in2circle.com” Shalva Bukia says that other networks such as  “Facebook”, “Google +”, “Instagram”, etc unite  particular acquaintances where the registered person’s classmates, co-workers, friends and others are gathered.

“We unite people around interests. Somebody  is interested in mountaineering, biking and his friends do not share it. The goal of this network is to find persons interesting for you, “- Shalva Bukia says.

Shalva  Bukia notes that before  the creation of the  social network,  a market survey  has been conducted that showed a  huge demand for this type of site.

Bukia notes that in total USD 200 thousand were invested in the social network  at this point and  thefounders predict that they will make a profit after a number of users will increase and companies will pay for ads.

Registration in the social network is free of charge.