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Georgian Wine To Appear on the UK's market

Georgian Wine To Appear on the UK’s market

 Georgian wines have never been widely accessible or well known in the UK. The Georgian Wine Society aims to change this, by making available the widest selection of the very best wines Georgia has to offer: those that are most popular, renowned or typical in Georgia itself; those that have gained accolades at international competitions; and those that show how Georgian wine is developing, blending the newest techniques with their ancient heritage.

Georgian wine will soon appear on the UK’s market. The company “Schuchmann-Wines Georgia” has already sent its production in the UK. As a result, red dry wine “Saperavi” and white dry wine “Mtsvane”, will be placed soon in The Wine Society.

Ekaterine Javakhia, the company sales’ executive director, states with “businesscontact”, that the purchasing director of The Wine Society had visited Georgia in last year and the choice had stopped on “Schuchmann-Wines“.

“The agreement between two parties was signed very quickly and the first batch was sent to the UK on the February 2nd”.

Javakhia notes that The Wine Society 1874 – is one of the famous wine society, which offers its customers the greatest wines of the world.