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Georgian Wine House Tamada Opens in China

Georgia continues promoting its wine and winemaking culture in China with the opening a new Georgian wine pavilion. Wine centre is located in China’s province of Jiangxi where about 30 million people live.

One of the largest importer of Georgian wine to China “Xinjiang Beifaing Jianda Trade Co., LTD“ opened the pavilion.

National agency of wine has gifted center with promotional materials of Georgian wine. This was not the first Georgian wine cetnre in China. In July 2015 Georgia opened a promotional centre and winemaking house in China’s capital Beijing. At the same time a Georgian wine house was opened in China’s Zhagang province, where 30 varieties of dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet wines were represented.

Later in August three Georgian wine centers opened in China’s Xinjiang province to increase popularity of Georgian wine and raise awareness of the country among Chinese consumers.