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Georgian Wine and Spirits Companies Ask Gov’t to Promote their Products

Georgian companies producing alcoholic beverages ask the state to pay more attention to them.

According to Zaza Tabagari, a consultant for strategic planning of Gomi,  the entry into the  foreign market requires  very large amounts, for this reason the brand  is not able to carry out large-scale activities.

Currently, the company exports its products only to Turkey and Latvia, where Gomi vodka holds only 2% of the overall market.

Tabagari brings an example of the Georgian wine companies  promoted on the Russian market by the state.

“Do you think it’s  the  companies achievement  that their products are popular in the Russian market?

If Russians drink Georgian wine,  do you think Englishmen  will not  drink? They  will also drink with pleasure, but they are not  aware of it, “- Tabagari notes.

He  also says that the company is working on new products, which will appear on the market in six months.  Gomi products, which prices ranges within GEL 6 – 25, are calculated for all segments.

USHBA Distillery marketing manager Tatuli Abesadze states that  the company has not carried out exports  for 2 months. In his words, Ukraine, Africa, Greece and Bulgaria were the main export markets and  exports to these countries were suspended due to the political processes, Abesadze also  adds that the contracts concluded with the abovementioned countries ended.

He believes that  the government  less promotes their alcoholic beverages, that cannot be said in relation to wine companies. He says  it would be good if alcoholic beverages were   of the same priority as wine.

Director  of the National Wine Agency Levan Davitashvili states that  the marketing research revealed that chacha is much more popular in the world’s markets than brand beverages, such as Eniseli, Vartsikhe and so on. Davitashvili notes  that to promote these brands in  the world,   very large fundsare  necessary what marketers do not recommend to do.

In his words, this does not mean that the state will  ignore this sector. He notes that in the near futurethe state plans to register geographical indications for these brands that will allow protecting these brands from bottling by anyone.

To promote chacha, the National Wine Agency offers  chacha  cocktails of the innovative flavors to restaurants and clubs.

The National Wine Agency developed  five recipes  of chacha cocktail.