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Georgian Tea Goes on Sale in Germany

Company Milmartea will sell half of its product to Germany. The company produces ten kind of tea in the name of Shemokmedi. German company BMD will buy four types of tea of the Milmartea – Giorgi Maisuradze said.

“This is the German partner company of the Teamania company. They liked the tea last year and asked for more but we had no enough product. They took a small amount of tea back to Germany and were delighted by that and asked for more but we had no enough in reserve and could not meet their needs. They took four types of tea for test and wanted minimum of 200 kilograms, but we could not give more than 50 kilograms. They are going to buy 4-5 tons of products this year. They want the following types of tea:  black tea, green tea, blackberry tea and blueberry leaf tea,” – said Giorgi Maisuradze.

As Giorgi Maisuradze said American exporters got interested to purchase the tea as well.

“We are currently negotiating with the American exporting company that wants to sell our green tea in Asia, they demand 5 to 10 tons, but we have no possibility to deliver it because the demand is so high that we only can to sell 20-30%. Therefore we can offer only 500 to 1,000 kg of products. But in the future we plan to increase amount of production and if today we produce 12 tons of tea, in 2019 the number will increase to 24 tons, “- said Giorgi Maisuradze.

The Company “Milmartea” has been operating since 2011 and exported to Russia, Czech Republic and Turkmenistan since 2013, and Ukraine has been added this market last year.