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Georgian Spices Preparing for Global Trade

Georgian spices manufacturer company “Suneli” plans to expand its production and increase export.

As the head of the company Zaza Bezhanishvili points out, negotiations are underway with several countries, including Ukraine and Poland.

“We had meetings, we are going to develop cooperation in order to increase the demand of the production capacity”,- Zaza Bezhanishvili noted.

According to him, after the negotiations are over, it is planned to increase the number of the employees and expansion of the enterprise.

At this stage, the company sells the production mainly on the local market, in the capital city -Tbilisi and the regions as well. Based on the information Zaza Bezhanishvili provided, almost all kinds of Georgian spices are produced at the plant.

“In the range of spices there are Oregano seasoning, Green Ajika, mustard, the variety of spices of traditional Georgian dishes. We keep going to work on our product diversity”,- noted Zaza Bezhanishvili.

He explained that since the company’s inception the product sales increased significantly.

,, Suneli ” was founded 2 years ago. The enterprise is located in Tbilisi, and at this moment it has 6 employees.”

The main purpose was to supply the population of Georgia with ecologically fresh spices.

“Except the local, traditional Georgian spices, we import the spices of high quality (in seeds) from the worldwide famous industrial countries: Egypt, India, Vietnam, Bulgaria, the Ukraine.”

They grind, package them and offer the product to the consumers without any additional appendage in the optimum packing considering the accessibility of the price.

“Our product stands out with its high quality,  aroma, a number of vitamins and healing features due to being natural  of 100%.”