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Georgian Website Sets up Partnership with eBay

Products of more than 1bln GEL and sales of more than 1mln GEL – these indicators belong to EBG.GE, the Georgian partner of the world’s major online trade network of eBay.

The trading platform enables Georgian consumers to receive eBay products in fastest and simplest way. In his interview for BM.Ge Giorgi Meladze, IBG executive manager talks about results of 2-year performance.

-When did this business idea arise and how have you managed to achieve agreement with eBay?

-Checking out from Amazon, eBay and similar online websites requires protected and complicated procedures and this factor creates discomfort for consumers. Previously, people were interested in how to check out products from the mentioned websites and they asked for assistance.

There wished the mentioned services to become simpler. Our business idea arose in this way. We have arranged EBG.GE for solution of all existing problems and developing desirable services for consumers. Initially, it was unimaginable for us to cooperate with eBay and organize such a wide network, but thanks to hardowrking and ambition, we obtained the eBay software in 2015.

-How does your website work and what are your service tariffs?

-Simplicity is a key principle of operation of our website is a simplicity. When purchasing a product, the consumers do not have to pass registration on a foreign language website, due payment system, get registered for conversion, pass registration on the website of a mediator shipping company, indicate addresses, declare parcels and face many other problems.

IBG has reduced all the mentioned procedures to 3 stages – registration, balance replenishment (by card or terminal) and clicking the button of PAY. It is also very important that Georgian consumers are able to check out parcels by installment payment scheme. As to tariffs, our trading platform is analogical to eBay, while price of Prime Category product is the best on the market. Besides Tbilisi, products are supplied to 40 regions of Georgia, while shipping tariff for 100 gram of product makes up 0.80 USD in GEL. Our company is an only Georgian company that bears a full responsibility for product transportation (from supplier to customer) and offers a full qualified services to the consumers.

At this stage, more than 250 000 consumers visit EBG.GE website a month and annual sales exceeds 1mln GEL. These indicators grow month to month.

-How have you managed to deserve the customer trust?

-Naturally, we had to overcome many problems and the customer’s trust was a key one. And we have deserved this trust, because we have assumed the whole responsibility on ourselves. This signifies our customers will not bear losses and permanent communication with clients is our key priority.

-What about your future plans? Do you plan to cooperate with other companies similar to eBay?

-First of all, we are glad to introduce our services to your audience. I believe this information will save the time and finances of our audience. As to future plans, we continue efforts for improving our services, offering better services to our clients. However, the key innovation will be an introduction of the prime category product with wider assortment and improved services. We remind you that the prime product is in Georgia and it provides faster delivery (for 24 hours) and most affordable tariffs in Georgia.