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Georgian Savse The Fastest Growing Smoothie Company in the UK
Guka Tavberidze and his mum Nina Tavberidze. Photograph: Savse Smoothies

Georgian Savse The Fastest Growing Smoothie Company in the UK

Savse Smoothies is the fastest growing smoothie brand in the UK.

In just 3 years this company’s turned into a $13m dollar turnover. Savse has seen  a 600% increase in sales in just the last 12 months.

The word Savse is a Georgian word and it actually means “crammed full”, and the smoothies are crammed with goodness.

“Using my mum’s recipes, and with investment from my uncle, I launched the business in 2013”, – said Guka Tavberidze, who is the founder and the chief executive of the company Savse smoothies.

Thus, the idea came out from his mom. When she was pregnant, the doctors found she was suffering from an iron deficiency and she had to eat spinach and apples to increase her iron levels. So she started experimenting with fruit and veg.

“She made them for me and my sisters, Sophia and Salli, and we always enjoyed them without really knowing what was in them”, – Guka said.

Initially Guka literally had no idea how to start.

“I had no FMCG experience and no degree, just a normal guy with the dream of wanted to do something of my own.”

It was very challenging for him but very exciting at the same time. He just wanted to start something with the right values and something spectacular.

The healthy drinks business with Georgian roots has expanded into stores including Boots and Whole Foods.

A lot of smoothie-type drinks use heat pasteurisation to make the product last longer and kill bacteria.The ingredients are boiled at 78 degrees, which strips out the goodness.

Savse smoothies are different as they’re cold pressed and 100% natural.

Thus, they use a method called high pressure processing (HPP) to make Savse smoothies.

The fruit and veg ingredients are packaged in plastic containers and put in a high-pressure chamber filled with water.

“Everything is completely fresh and the process gets rid of bacteria and gives the product a longer shelf life. There weren’t any factories offering HPP in the UK, but I found one in Holland, which we still use”, – Guka Tavberidze noted.