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Georgian Restaurant in New York – Cheeseboat

Cheeseboat is a family owned Georgian bistro offering an eclectic variety of authentic cuisine with locally sourced ingredients. Restaurant brings the best dishes from the country of Georgia.

Restaurant offers a wide variety of wines from the mountains of Georgia, including organic wines that have zero preservatives.

Marketing specialist Netty Davitashvili came up with the idea of creating family business, when she discovered that working with her profession was not enough to earn money in New York.

“I was 27 years old when I started working on Cheeseboat conception. For that time I was studying marketing at Art Academy of San Francisco and had mastered design before. After graduating from University I discovered that I could not earn enough money in New York with my profession and had to think about another business plan”. 

I had never looked at Cheeseboat as it was a typical restaurant, this was a big project for me. I knew exactly what I was selling and who were my customers. I had to sell Georgian Adjarian Khachapuri to young New Yorkers and that’s it.

Much of the menu is built around sharing, like the decadent cheese breads in classic and spinach flavors, which you tear into with your hands to dip into the molten core.