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Georgian Restaurant Chačapuri in Vilnius

Locals in Vilnius know about the Georgian restaurant Chačapuri for few years already. However, it is still an exotic place in the city. The restaurant was opened in 2012.

“My brother moved to Vilnius to study at the MA program and considering many years of experience in business, he wanted to establish business abroad. However, it turned out a way more difficult than anyone can imagine”- declared Sandro Vekua, manager of the restaurant. 

Chačapuri offers different type of Chachapuri to the customers. In addition, they have exclusively made recipes which match the taste of local people.

“As a result of our research, we found out that eggplant and coriander were very popular among Lithuanians and at the same time, these are also very typical Georgian products. Therefore, we created Chachapuri with eggplant and coriander and it is very delicious and popular food for our customers”- explains the manager of the company.