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Georgian Poultry Enterprise Moves to HACCP Standards

Roster poultry enterprise has moved to HACCP standards and obtained a recognition certificate. To this end, the company has made considerable investments.

In his interview to Business Morning program Rostom Papidze, founder of Roster company, talks about the expenses taken for the project implementation and the company expectations.

-Mr. Rostom, how much investment has the company made and how much time has it taken to achieve this result?

-We have spent about 2 years on moving to this system. We have invested about 0.5 million GEL. All our employees have passed trainings under HACCP standards. We have studied how to ensure safety of products.

There are various companies operating in Georgia, including an English company that has provided consultations to us, held trainings and explained what quality were to be satisfied in all directions, including quality of stainless steel, tables, ceiling and so on.

We have attained this result stage by stage. We have not chosen way for drawing grants or some gifts. We have attracted financial resources from commercial banks and launched business, invited educated people. We have very good and hardworking staff. Jointly with them, we have moved to HACCP standards.

-Have you carried out 100% transformation or  used your own resources?

-The advantage was that we started constructing a slaughterhouse. We did not have a slaughterhouse previously. We started this business from zero and almost everything was new and unfamiliar for us. We did not have due experience. We did not produce fresh meat. We had to resolve three issues: production of high-quality and safe product. Our staff and family members also eat this product. We were also to satisfy EU requirements to make our products acceptable for them. At the same time, we were not to compete with Georgia-based farmers and we were to participate in the field development.

-What about your perspectives. When do you plan to implement the defined plans?

-This stage still continues. We have shaped an integration group and integrated all successful chains in it, starting from food production ending with farmers, including our farm is a part of the integration. Currently, about 70 members are united in our integration group. This was an important step for bio integration to assemble the same age chicken on the same place. In this way we have completely reduced pollution and ensured bio safety. In this way we have attained best quality.