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Georgian Pitcher Wine Presentation Held in French Cities

Georgian pitcher wine presentation-degustation was held in French cities. With the support of Wine National Agency , French professionals had an opportunity to be introduced and taste 6 Natural Georgian wine producer companies: “Nikoladzeebi Marani”, “Antadze Marani”, “pheasant tears”, “Golden Wine”, “Iago’s Wine” and “Kortava Marani”.

Pitcher wine was presented at the special degustations in Toulouse and Lyon and at traditional exhibitions in Angers (Les Penitentes) and (La Dive Bouteille) which is 6th participation for Georgian wine companies.

“Pitcher wine is exported to many different countries, but it has a special attention in traditional wine consumer countries like France, Italy and etc. Pitcher wine is a way to raise awareness about Georgian wine. Presenting Georgian wine at French wine exhibition promotes our wine worldwide – declared Giorgi Samanishvili.

“The interest towards Georgian wine was bigger this year, especially in Toulouse and Lyon. In the south France, pitcher wine is sold more successfully and it will help to promote Georgian pitcher wine. Wine companies signed with contracts.