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Georgian Persimmon is Sold for €8 in Holland

In 2015 Geofood company exported a test consignment of 100 kilogram dried Persimmon to the Netherlands and supplied it to the supermarkets that trade in bio products. The supply price per kilogram marked 8 EUR. The company failed to export the second consignment.

Geofood founder Giorgi Kochlamazashvili told the Business Morning that his company will not stop exports of dried Persimmon, but in the future he will insure himself and the company will buy only high-quality dried Persimmon from households that will meet the EU market standards.

Dried Persimmon is an in-demand product. Not only Persimmon, but all sorts of dried fruits. Filbert is also very sellable.

“I do not know whether it is produced in Georgia, but in the Netherlands the dried mulberry is also very popular. They pay attention to quality and packing. The drying process must fully meet all hygienic standards”, Giorgi Kochlamazishvili said.