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Demand for Georgian Medicine on the Rise in Export Countries

Demand for Georgian medicine is increasing  in the export markets. As per Geostat data, in 2014  drugs worth $92.065 million were exported to foreign markets, that is 44% more than in 2013.

According to Geostat, medicines cost $52.1 million were exported from Georgia in 2013. In addition, medicines share in total exports has increased in 2014 and reached 3.2%. The medicines are in the last position in the Georgia’s top ten exported products, but this group was not included in the top ten in 2013 when its share of the export products was 1.8%.

Geostat data is confirmed by the drug manufacturer and one of the major exporting companies  – GMP. The company’s exports director Boris Jinjolava says that last year compared to 2013, demand for medicines produced by the company increased by about 60%.

In his words, the increase was recorded in all types of medicines, which are exported, including cardiac drugs, gastrointestinal, as well as anti-cold and analgesic medications.

Boris Jijolava notes the increase in exports was caused by the increased number of medication for export  and if earlier the company sold 20 varieties of medicines abroad, today the list includes more than  50.

GMP carries out export of Georgian medicines mainly to the former Soviet Union countries, including: Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Ukraine.

As for the EU, GMP exports director  says that  to export the medications to EU countries, a multi-stage procedure and medicines registration is required.

Another exporting company is GPC, which is engaged not only in exports of Georgian medicines but imported from abroad.

David Kiladze, GPC Director , states that they are focused on re-export of medicines and  exports have increased in this regard , however, the company’s Director refrains from specifying numbers.

According to him, the number of medicines manufactured by their contractor company has increased, which also means that compared to 2013, the demand for Georgian drugs in export countries has increased.

Kiladze notes that GPC exports and re-exports medicines to the countries, such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Turkmenistan.