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Sophie Chogovadze

Georgian to Head Marketing Department Wendy’s of EMEA Markets

Sopo Chogovadze, head of Marketing Department at Wendy’s Georgia, will take over a new position in September as the regional marketing head of Wendy’s EMEA markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

What are duties of the new position? What functions will Sopo fulfill? What challenges are expected on the new position and what are Sopo’s future plans?

All these issues are highlighted in the interview below.

How would you describe your new position?

My main role is to determine and develop strategic marketing directions/plans  for the organization at regional level in order to adapt the brand’s global strategies and goals to the local markets’ needs and implement corresponding initiatives, through tight cooperation with the marketing department of each market.

My position also implies elaboration, communication and implementation of such programs that will be directed to development of the brand, stimulation of sales and profitable growth on EMEA markets.

How have you met the new challenge?

Thanks to joint efforts of domestic and international teams, we have established many interesting initiatives and concepts. Our effective operation with the regional team has brought many mutual beneficial results and preconditioned success of Georgian market in the whole system of Wendy’s.

I think my multi-year successful cooperation was one of the grounds for such offer. I was the head of one of the regional market’s marketing. I know the requirements of franchise company requirements and needs very well and I have clear visions about what sort of support the markets may need for more successful operation.