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Georgian Made Mondo Caffe to Export

Georgian made Mondo Caffe appeared on the market on 3rd of April and it is produced by BB Company. The company was established with the support of the program “Produce in Georgia”. Executive director of BB Company, Maka Komakhidze talks about the company export plans with Marketer.


How did you start Mondo Caffe Company?

BB Company has been exporting coffee for 15 years and it is a representative of an Italian coffee illy. Besides, this company is involved in various businesses. 2 years ago, we decided to create high quality products and started working in this direction.

What was the priority while working on the brand, how did you come up with the name for it?

We have Italian and Dutch experts and we wanted to create an Italian espresso, because thats exactly the kind of coffee Georgian experts like. We had an agreement with Betterfly for branding and our group was also actively involved in it. Considering we make coffee with Italian techniques, we chose the name Mondo.

Who created Mondo recipe?

The recipe was created by a Dutch expert. Dutch and American people like different kind of espresso like Georgians and he considered it and created something that would work for us.

What is the advantage of Mondo Caffe at the market?

“We create Georgian products matching European standards, which is something we are proud. Mondo will cost less on Georgian market because it is produced in Georgia and we don’t pay import taxes. Our company is the first coffee producer company in Georgia, which works in export field and retail sales.

What are your plans in the export field?

Export is very interesting for us. This year, we will represent our coffee at the exhibition at the world scale. The first exhibition will take place in Hong Kong. We are ready and have advertisement material and most importantly the product itself.  We collaborate with European companies, which are looking for distributors at the local market to help us to export our product. We already sent the samples to Ukraine, Turkmenistan and other countries and are waiting for their response. Georgian made coffee will definitely be sold on the world scale.