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Georgian Keyboard HARY Appeared on the Market

A new keyboard,‘Hary-ჰარი,’that offers customers keys with the Georgian alphabet is now available on the Georgian market, says one of its inventors, Alexandre Andghuladze, in conversation with Bm.ge.

The architect Sandro Andghuladze came up with the idea to create this keyboard along with his friends (Giorgi Sharvashidze, Natalia Gabisonia, Nino Gabisonia, and Sang Eun Li) during his visit to Copenhagen. Their main aim is to encourage people to write in Georgian. “Thanks to this keyboard, the Georgian keyboard is now another addition to Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic and other language keyboards.

The Georgian keyboard is based on the MES arrangement. Our aim is to make the MES layout a standard layout that will support establishing one scheme. It is important for big companies such as Apple and Microsoft and others that produce laptops to recognize the Georgian keyboard as a standard keyboard” – says Aleksandre Andghuladze. According to Andghuladze, the product is being manufactured in China and then imported to Georgia. As a starting point the producers have ordered 1000 keyboards and have invested in the startup with their own funds. As Sandro Andghuladze told bm.ge, initially customers can purchase the product online but in the next stage, the company plans to either open a shop or to distribute the product to existing shops.

At the moment the cost of the product is 38 GEL, however, as the keyboards get more refined and developed it is possible the producers will offer various price categories to customers. According to Alexandre Andghuladze, they are planning to also produce various wireless gaming keyboards. “At the initial stage, our aim is to develop Hary-ჰარი-, to disseminate the product on the Georgian market, and to offer customers various types of keyboards. We would like to continue working in this direction and to distribute our product across Georgia” – states the young startupper.