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Georgian Juice Company LIVO to Enter Swedish Market

Georgian Juice Company LIVO to Enter Swedish Market

Company LIVO, a natural juices manufacturer, will launch exports of its products to Sweden soon.

Due negotiations have been completed and the LIVO products will be sold at the Georgian restaurant that was unveiled in Sweden as part of the Georgian House project, Goga Samushia, LIVO partner and director, told BPI news agency.

As reported, currently, LIVO exports products to Russia, Estonia and Kazakhstan too.

In the near future, LIVO products will be represented in all three Baltic states, as LIVO juices are sold at the network of Maxim supermarkets in Estonia. This chain covers the whole Baltic zone and the LIVO management expects to penetrate all three markets.

Founded by the Sales Management Company, LIVO company launched operation 3 years ago. Currently, the company supplies 8 varieties of natural juices to the networks of Goodwill, Fresco, Smart and Nikora supermarkets.

The company bottles natural juices at the Citro plant that was built as part of the Millennium Challenge Program. The company produces natural juices through direct squeezing of domestic citrus and fruits.

This method maximally preserves useful characteristics and aromatic taste. Under the Quality Lab research, LIVO juices do not contain genetically modified organisms. 

In 2014 LIVO obtained a golden medal of WorldFood Ukraine 2014 tasting contest in Kyiv. LIVO juices are manufactured under the trademark of Choose Georgian.