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sopho chkonia

Georgian Designers Have Difficulties Exporting Products Due To High Taxes

An organizer of the Mercedes-Benz Fashionweek Tbilisi Sopho Chkonia says  that it is difficult for Georgian designers to export their products because of high customs duties.

According to her, the industry needs more support from the state, in particular, changes in the tax legislation to facilitate to overcome international barriers for designers.

This year, the state structures-  Ministry of Economy and the Tourism Administration-  helped us a lot in the holding of the fashion week. However, there is still a lot to do to turn the Georgian fashion into a business,” says Sopho Chkonia.

In  her words, it is very difficult for foreigners to order clothes in Georgia, as they face bureaucratic barriers, as a result lose interest in the Georgian fashion industry.

“There should be a rule that provides benefits for exporters. In this part, the tax legislation needs serious revision, and the state should help us. They assist us  in technical matters that  is also very important. In no post-Soviet country I have seen the state so actively involved in the affairs of the fashion industry as in Georgia. However, without solving tax issues, this is not enough, ” she notes.

Chkonia adds that  this issue is already actively discussed and there is some progress.

“Decisions should be made as soon as possible, because without this Georgian designers will not be able to occupy its niche  on the international market,” she says.