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Georgian Company Metro Production Films Nike Advertisement

Metro Production films NIKE advertisement with world famous director Daniel Woolf, Agency Wieden + Kennedy, Somesuch – Advertising Production Company and The Mill, which provides graphic and color correction,- Marketer spreads the word.

As the executive producer of “Metro Production” Sandro Gabilaia says in conversation with marketer, the name of the campaign is still confidential, but the fact that the company works with such a recognized director and well-known agencies in the process of working on Nike’s video is very interesting:

“There are a number of videos produced for the market of nine countries. We were looking for post soviet spaces, places that still have an old look. Similarly, we brought some sportsmen from post-Soviet space, such as those who have achieved everything by themselves. We have taken their childhood, dreams and a little bit of surrealistic video footage. These videos and slogans, which we can not yet say, will be the launch of the new campaign of NIKE, “- Sandro Gabilaia explained.

Wieden + Kennedy (WHY-den and KEN-edy) – an American agency that has offices in different countries, including in the Netherlands and from the offices of this country, is involved in the creation of a new campaign for NIKE. Wieden + Kennedy has had experience of working with NIKE so far.

Somesuch is an advertising company from London, founded in 2010, while The Mill works on visual narrative since 1990. As for Daniel Woolf, he is a well-known filmmaker who has taken a lot of advertisements and is interested in surrealistic direction lately.

Note: On the basis of a confidential agreement between the parties, Metro Production did not share photos of the shooting process.