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Georgian Company on Cryptocurrency, Risks and Working Mechanism

Cryptocurrency is one of the most commonly used words for people interested in money, especially in recent months. The need of cryptoexperts and consultants appeared on the market, and mining attracted public’s interest. Marketer had an interview with Bitforx Marketing and Sales Director, Nika Tsotniashvili about the subject:

What is the mechanism that creates cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency should be considered as the unity of digital assets, which is a sort of transaction. The Cryptocurrency emission and calculation is based on cryptographic methods, digital currency is not related to the producing economy or banking capital. Creating a Cryptocurrency can easily be created by any programmer, its creation is not difficult. The complexity depends on the idea behind the currency, which encourages people to buy this currency, invest or use it.

As I mentioned, huge income. Simply said, if you had bought bitcoin for 10 USD in 2010, you would have earned 15,000 USD today, the closest example is Cardano. If you could buy Cardano for 100 USD 3 months ago, it would have value of 5000 USD now. There are numerous examples like that, the main interest comes from the desire to enrich this miraculous way. But there is a second category that thinks that blochain technology or decentralized management of any system is our future.

In Georgia, there are a lot of people interested in various digital currencies, many of them invested, what is the reason?

This is one of the main conditions for Georgians, we want to get rich fast. Fortunately, Georgians soon saw potential in cryptocurrencies. It’s a good place to do business and let’s add this matching to existing laws in cryptopolitics and mining directions. why not? I think we are very lucky to get involved so soon.


What does bitforx do? How can you tell the readers that the company is reliable?

bitforx is the best place to store the money or the so-called online wallet where your cryptocurrency is created in a safe way, from where you can transfer money quickly and with low tariffs. bitforx There is also a cloud mining company where you can invest and get profit of up to 250% within 1 year. This profit will certainly increase if the price of bitcoin goes up.

We have an office in Tbilisi on 12 Archil Kereselidze, where anyone can come and receive consultation. Company daily publishes information about innovations in this field, often writing unique and informative blogs.


As we know, you are creating a new application. What is the function of the program, and how can it be used?

The application is ready and we are waiting for the announcement. The application has a Wallet feature to store and transfer your bitcoin, as well as a bitforx analogy to the statistics and information available on the day-to-day basis for receiving information on the price change and their own announcements. It is convenient and sophisticated application.