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Georgian Companies Shot in Aeroflot Ad Expect Increased Number of Tourists from Russia

Georgian companies participating in Aeroflotad expect a growing number of tourists from Russia

According to  Naili Torchinava, Deputy Director of the Mill restaurant , some time after they received an offer to participate in the ad, the company  agreed and contacted Aeroflot representatives. She saysthat despite the fact that the restaurant nevercomplains about the lack of visitors,  the participation in video is a way of presenting news.

“Our restaurant is interesting for foreigners, we want to interest them even more. This is not only a restaurant but  a big museum. We’ve received a lot of orders from  Russia, a lot of Russian tourists  are going to spend  the New Year holidays in Georgia , “- Naili Torchinava notes.

Another company shot in Aeroflot ad  is  LLC Winery Graneli.  Director of the company explains to “Commersant” that  Aeroflot representatives contacted them to shoot and attend the wine bottling process. In his words, each  ad is intended to attract customers.

Radisson Blu Hotel  says that Aeroflot initially  contacted Radisson office in Moscow, after which the communication between Tbilisi hotel and the representatives of the airline took place.

Nina Asatiani, the Head of the Radisson’s Sales and Marketing Department,  states “Commersant” that the Russian citizens is  the main segment of the hotel , and therefore, she  hopes that the number of clients will increase after  their participation in the ad.

“The frequency of flights set before Aeroflot’s entry was not sufficient for a  tourist flow from Russia. I am very glad that Aeroflot launched  flights,” –  Asatiani notes.

After a several –year  pause , the Russian airline Aeroflot  returned to the Georgian market in October. Aeroflot  operates Tbilisi-Moscow flights seven times a week.

The ad  shot  in Georgia was placed on the Internet on November 19 and  received  18 thousand views on Youtube.