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Georgian Cheese Sulguni to Appear at Los Angeles Supermarkets

Georgian Cheese Sulguni will appear at Los Angeles supermarkets in the USA.

Tsezar company is preparing a new consignment for American companies. After the successful exports to New York in summer 2016, Georgian Cheese will appear at Los Angeles supermarkets too.

The new consignment comprises smoked and traditional Sulguni, plaited and factory cheese. Total weight is 500-700 kilograms.

The company representative Arkadi Kakhadze said that Georgian cheese is supplied to an American company for 6 USD and the final price in the USA grows to 20 USD.

“Our products have to overcome sharp competition, but we hope the demand will grow”, the company representatives said.

The company owns two enterprises in Khulo and Tsalka. The plants are equipped by modern technologies and satisfy HACCP standards.

In several weeks new production lines will be installed in Khulo enterprise. The company has paid 110 000 USD for the new lines to produce cheese, milk, sour milk and sour cream.

The company buys local natural milk for 1.85 GEL per liter.

“Many companies think that 0.85 GEL is an expensive price, but high-quality raw materials are required to produce high-quality products”, the businessman noted.

Tsezar cheese is sold in Carrefour network. The company has received a huge order for coming Easter. The company is wider represented in Batumi, including in Goodwill network.

It should be noted that Tsezar is one of the beneficiaries of Mercy Corps Alliances Lesser Caucasus Programme and the company was developed with the financial support of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation South Caucasus office.