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Georgian Chacha Exported to Australia and South Africa

Georgian Chacha of Zearis company has appeared on Australian market. The company director Ramaz Krichinashvili told Business Contract that at the first stage 600 bottles were exported to Australia and sales proceed successfully.

Georgian Chacha is sold at prestigious restaurants, hotels and bars of Australia. As to prices, under the Australian legislation, the extra charge is impressive, Krichinashvili noted.

“Customs tax is very high in Australia. If average value of our products is 35 USD, in Australia the product price rises to 70-150 USD.

Objective of our company is to export our products to various countries in even small volumes”, the company director noted. Zearis Chacha was exported to South Africa too.

In Spring we will make focus on low-income segment too. The company has already opened stores in Kazakhstan. In the near period the company will launch exports to Azerbaijan and Ukraine too.

“Currently, we make focus on Russian and Ukrainian markets. Today, official exports of Chacha is banned in Russia, however, we are working jointly with Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Economy to export our product not as alcoholic beverage, but under gifts segment. Negotiations proceed very well and only political goodwill is required”, Krichinashvili said and added that the company also plans to launch winemaking business too.