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Georgian Cafe Vai Me Opened in Budapest (Photos)

Georgian fast food cafe Vai Me opened in Budapest couple of months ago and offers customers delicious Georgian national cuisine.

“Creating the concept of Vai Me-the first chain of Georgian fast-food cafes in Budapest, we wanted to destroy the myth, that Georgian food is necessarily many hours of eating and drinking horn wine with horns,” official Facebook page of the cafe writes.

Georgian food is cooked fast and perfectly gets along with the fast-food format. The cafe has a self-service and the readiness of your order is signaled by pager,  given to you on the order-desk.

“Vai Me” has a mobile app that shows news, stocks, also it helps to save money! The 10% of your order congest on your card of guest, which is downloaded in Mobile App. Furthermore, you can exchange saved points on a dinner.

All in all, it is important for us to show, that Georgian cuisine is a food of centenarians, it is healthy and useful, it is a food for everybody! We have vegetarian food, bakery, which is cooked with gluten-free flour, because we want to give a chance for everyone to become a fan of Georgian food!