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Georgian Businessmen Respond to Fadi Asli – Business is Free!

Georgian business responds to  the International Chamber of Commerce President’s statement in which he said that the investment climate in Georgiastill leaves much to be desired, businesses are terrified and do not have confidence in the government.
In his words,  it is not due to unfriendly legislation developed  by the Parliament, but also due to   the complex situation in the region – developments in Ukraine, Karabak scare  investors, as investors consider Georgia part of the region and what is happening in  the region affects Georgia.

Businessman Anzor Kokoladze does not agree with Fadi Asli that   business is terrified. As for the Tax Code, Kokoladze says that the Code has not changed significantly, therefore, it is difficult to talk about improving or worsening.

He notes that under the previous government the tax office’s, the financial police and the prosecutor’s attitude toward business was problematic.

“They did not follow the code and terrified business illegally” – says Kokoladze. He adds the new government has  much improved an investment climate. Businessman Cezar Chocheli does not comment on Fadi Asli’s statement because it will be subjective due to a situation around his business.

In Chocheli words,  his business group is in a very difficult situation and he is not able to launch several projects due to the seizure.

Cezar  Chocheli believes that a tightening of  a visa regime will have  a negative impact on the economic development of the country.

“This will reduce not only investment but the cash-flow, number of tourists and so on,” – Chocheli says.

According to Chairman of the Supervisory Board of “East Gate Group” Irakli Iashvili,   in Georgia the business is free that was impossible to say under the previous government.