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Georgian Brand “Gepherrini MC” Appears on Manhattan

Georgian brand “Gepherrini MC” the bag manufacturer company will sell its production on Manhattan. That is the most densely populated borough of New York City.

According to the company’s founder, Ilia Gepheridze said to the Radio “Commersant“, that the production is already sent in the United States and in two weeks period it will go on sale.

At the same time the company’s online store will be launched, which has been prepared and is already almost ready. As a result it is in the process of the production uploading.

Gepheridze says that sales through the mobile application is also planned.

Based on the information provided by Ilia Gepheridze, the Georgian bags will be sold in several boutiques located on Manhattan.

According to him, the premium class collection was sent in the United States, which will not be sold in Georgia.

“The products are made of Italian leather, Italian accessories are used and the quality is improved compared to the quality of existing products on the local market.”

The price ranges between 199 USD and 999 USD. The founder stated that in order to increase the popularity of the brand several special campaigns are planned to be carried out.

For instance, special web-pages will be created in social networks, meetings with famous people will be arranged. Thus, this fact will meaningfully spread the information about the company’s production and the awareness of the brand “Gepherrini MC”.

In addition, Gepherrini already has a store in Moscow and is negotiating with Ukraine for export possibilities.

Herewith, the company plans to move to the domestic regions in near future.

Gepherrini MC produces the bags for women, men and children, also bracelets.

Prices range from 23 GEL to 360 GEL. The prices range from 23 GEL to 360 GEL. The company was founded in 2014, having 6 stores in Georgia by now, and one is opened in Moscow as we mentioned before.