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Georgia-Ukrainian Business Forum in Tbilisi

With the support of Georgian trade-industry chamber, Georgian Ukranian business forum was held in Tbilisi.

Business meetings with potential business partners were planned by trade-industry chamber in the hotel “Old Tbilisi”. From Georgian side, more than 30 companies were involved in the meeting.

Ukrainian business delegation visited Georgia on 28th of November. There were around 20 representatives from business sector, who took part in Business forum planned by the chamber.

There was “LNV Limited”,  one of the companies which produces and exports the production under “Nemiroff” brand.

In the delegation, there was “Agrana Fruit Ukraine” as well, which is the biggest company in Ukraine working in the fruits ad berry cultivation production.

The aim of the visit was to establish collaboration between Georgian and Ukrainian companies and find trustworthy partners for investments. The main interest of Ukrainian business delegation is agriculture, alcohol drinks and construction sector.

In the first part of the delegation, there were presentations. The representatives of Vinnytsia region talked about economic investment potential in their region. Georgian Agency of National Investment talked about the positive aspects of doing business in Georgia.