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Georgia to Use Blockchain in Public Sector on Wider Level

Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze speaks about the necessity of integrating blockchain in public services on a wider level. 

National Agency of Public Registry of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia started using blockchain in its services in 2017. Next institution to present public services integrated with blockchain will be the Ministry of Finance. Ministry plans to transfer customs documents to blockchain.

“I want to remind everyone that in 2017 Georgia became the first country to integrate blockchain in state services. The land registration reform was the pilot project in which blockchain technology was integrated. This proves once again that it is very important for us to use innovative approaches in our reforms. It is almost impossible to change, rewrite or unlawfully use data with blockchain. This is the guarantee for us to have the highest data protection standard. This is exactly the kind of technology with which we will achieve digital transformation of Georgia. I am calling upon all the ministries to use similar technologies in the reforms that will be planned in 2019”, says Prime Minister Bakhtadze.

Currently the Ministry of Finance is working with blokchain service providers to incorporate new proceses and techologies into customs procedures.