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Georgia to Export Plum Dried Fruit to EU Market

Supermarkets of Smart, Goodwill and Two Steps have introduced black plum dried fruit of domestic production into their retail networks. The product is made by Kareli Agro Industrial Company and is sold under the brand name of Kareli Fruit.

The company’s Facebook page indicates that the dried fruit is made of moderately ripen black plum species such as: Georgian Black Plum, Stanley and Impress.

There are plum dried fruits with pips and without pips in packs. The price of one pack is 3.45 GEL.

The company was founded in 2015. It is located in the Kareli District, in ecologically clean zone of the river Dzama.

The main priority of the company is to produce dried fruits of 100% natural and ecologically clean raw materials.

The raw material fruits grow in Kareli, Gori and Baghdati Districts. The company owns 25 hectare land with various fruits gardens.

According to the Commersant, the Kareli-made plum dried fruit will be exported to the EU market in the near future. Negotiations are underway with several countries, including Germany, Israel and Ukraine.

The company has invested 1 million GEL in the enterprise arrangement, including 650 000 GEL were spent on machineries and plants. The company dew 40% of the financial resources as a government grant and 50% as a preferential agro credit.