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Georgia to Export Barrels and Furniture to Kazakhstan

Professional Winemaking Products company has been manufacturing wine barrels in Gurjaani since 2013. Six months ago the company also launched production of furniture of barrels.

The company director Vasiko Kalandadze told Business Course that at this stage, Georgian products are sold in Germany and Azerbaijan. The company will launch exports to Kazakhstan too in the near period.

Because of growing demand, the company plans to split furniture and wine barrels production lines. At this stage,the company manufactures about 400 wine barrels and about 800 units of furniture a year.

“Furniture made of barrels are in huge demand on EU market. Barrels are manufactured in Europe too, while in Asia there is huge demand for both products”. 

“Cutting oaks is forbidden in Georgia, Therefore, we import raw materials from Europe and the USA, Vasiko Kalanadadze said. 

Currently, the company employs 15 persons. Price of a barrel of US oak is 1300 GEL and of French oak – 1500 GEL. Prices of furniture start from 300 GEL. 

“GEL rate depreciation created problems in the production inauguration period, however, now the situation has stabilized. Previously, winemakers used to import barrels from abroad, while imports is not affordable for everyone. Barrels require various services and we offer a full package of services. 

Air exports is quite expensive. Therefore, we export products by land transport. Taking into account Georgia’s geographical location, exports to Asia is cheaper compared to Europe”, Vasiko Kalandadze told Business Course. 

The company plans to expand furniture production line and sell product by internet.