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Georgia Suffers Shortage of Natural Milk

The country suffers  a shortage  of natural milk. The Georgian Business Zone founder Nino Zambakhidze states. She says that the reason is the cattle genetics and unproductivity. The international practice shows that the cattle gives 20 – 35 liters of milk a day while  Georgian not more than  8-9 liters,  the second reason, in her opinion, is a lack of an artificial insemination in the country.

Zambakhidze talks about  Georgia‘s  great potential in milk production, but notes that veterinarian education should be  improved.

A dairy products company  “Sante” also speaks about  deficit of natural milk.  They say that  “Santino” all products are made of natural milk, however, its  amount is not sufficient. For this reason,  the company’s  other products are made  from the milk powder  of the German origin.

A dairy farm founder, businessman Lasha Papashvili  does not agree with statements about the shortage of natural milk in the country and says  that the companies do not have the desire to deliver  a natural milk. Papashvili explains this by the absence of  the state’s regulations. According to him, it is necessary to control the field in order the users to know what they eat.

In Papashvili’s words,  80 kinds of milk made of low-quality milk powder are sold in the market today. The businessman estimates that in order to develop the market, it is necessary to introduce rules of the game similar to the European.

According to Agriculture Projects Management Agency (APMA),  as of December 31, 2014,  loans worth  GEL 717 million were issued in  the country under  a preferential agro-credit  program, including GEL 6.2 million for milk processing industry.