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Georgia Start-Up Nation?- Linkedin

Why should startups move to Tbilisi in Georgia,  CEO & Founder at Topishare publishes an article about Georgia.

Georgia is located between Asia and Europe. With Europe being an important player, and Asia developing quickly, Georgia has the advantages of both worlds.

The capital city Tbilisi, is a vibrant town, with a well-working commerce field, ancient exciting traditional culture and an even more exciting contemporary cultural scene, a booming nightlife, and has been listed as the 6th safest country in the world.

Georgia also hosts two very advanced tech parks, and  innovation centers.

With low salaries, but high quality developers, cheap office rent, and lower running expenses than the West, it could save you millions. The cost of living is also significantly cheaper than in the West.

And that’s not all: Georgia has a stable, growing, economy, and an advanced banking system. Registering a company, and getting a visa, are quick and easy (and all can be done in English!). You can do this while you are in Georgia, no need for preparing everything before you move.The tax system is beneficial as well: only 20% taxes.

Although it is still a developing country, living here wont disappoint you, with very friendly people and delicious food.

For those who have a startup, or think to start a startup, do consider operating from Georgia.

Being based here allows you work on your business, without running after investors at the beginning of the project. You will be able to develop the project from idea to beta, and raise money afterwards. This will significantly increase your chances to raise the money without having to give up a large percent of the company.