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Georgia Ranked 50th in the Corruption Perception Index

The international organization Transparency International published its latest report on the level of corruption in 174 countries around the world.

Georgia continues to be one of the leaders in the Eastern Europe – Central Asia region and occupies 50th place in the ranking.

In Transparency International ranking the countriesare ranked on a scale from 0 to 100 points, where zero represents the highest level of corruption  and100  – the lowest.

Ukraine has slightly improved its positions and rose from 144th  to 142nd  place.
Russia, which was ranked 127th  last year, has  significantly ceded positions,  and now  takes 136th place.

Turkey is ranked  64th , Armenia 94th , Belarus – 119th , Azerbaijan and  Kazakhstan – 126th respectively.

Turkmenistan has the worst  position of all post-Soviet countries, in particular, it occupies  – 169th place.

The ranking is topped by Denmark, New Zealand and Finland (92, 91 and 89 points), while Somalia and North Korea are on the bottom of the ranking.