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Georgia Ranks 21st in Wine Exports Worldwide

The information is published by the non-governmental organization Doctrine.

According to the data, the country’s wine exports experienced a severe recession in 2006-2012, when the Russian market  was closed, and despite the development of alternative markets, they still have not been able to adequately replace Russia.

In particular, in  2012 wine exports accounted for two-thirds of the 2005 figure.

After the opening of the Russian market, wine in the amount of  USD 128 million was exported from Georgia in 2013 that  is 77.6% more than in 2012.

In 2013, by this indicator Georgia was ranked 21st  in the list of exporters of wine ceding Moldova which occupies 20th  place.

In 2013, Georgia exported wine to 47 countries, while 70.7% of exports went to Russia and Ukraine.

According to the level of re-exports of wine, Georgia is the 4th largest in the world – wine in the amount of USD 2.7 million has been re-exported from the country.

As it turned out, the main competitor of Georgia in the international wine market is Moldova, especially in the post-Soviet space. In particular, a clear advantage of Moldova is evident in Belarus and Kazakhstan, where the Moldovan wine accounts for half of the wine market. Moldova exports 6 times more wine in Belarus than in Georgia, while in Russia and Kazakhstan – 2 times more.

Moldova mainly produces sweet and semi-sweet wine with a high content of alcohol, while Georgia – mostly dry.

In the framework of  the Forum “Georgia’s wine economy  – challenges and risks in the global market”, where the presentation of the  report was held,  it was said that  almost 500 unused varieties of Georgian wine were to be more thoroughly studied in order to find such wines   that could  provide competition to Moldovan producers.

The issues related to the start of bio-wines  production in the country were also discussed at the Forum as well as expensive oils from residues of processed grapes.

In 2013 about 170 wineries operated in Georgia, among leaders are Telavi Wine Cellar, Tbilvino,Company of alcoholic beverages, Teliani Valley, etc.