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In Georgia, PR is Often Used to Put out “fires”, Which is a False Assumption

Interview with Nodar Kanchaveli, director for Silknet PR and Marketing director.

– What are you by profession?

– It may be surprising, but I am a lawyer by profession. I have graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, later I also finished MA course in the Netherlands, in the field of urban management.

– Your first job place.

– I started my first job at Tbilisi Municipality, namely, in Old Tbilisi Board.

– Current job and position.

– Director for Silknet PR and Marketing Department.

– Your First Success.

– My life has proceeded in a very interesting way. Important novelties happen in may career in every year. Therefore, I believe I have attained much success during this period. This is very important for self-motivation and higher self-confidence. As to my first success, I can remember several projects  I have implemented at initial stage of my career that helped me in correct self-evaluation and determining correct plans for the future. There were several similar projects. Naturally, there were opposite outcomes too, when this or that plan was not finished in compliance with initial plans, but similar failures should not make a person desperate. On the contrary, we should make correct analysis of what reasons have preconditioned failure or/and goal and then we should start aspiring for a new objective with new forces. This is certain passion.

– Business, project that you take pride in even today.

– I have noted in previous question that there are several projects that I take pride in.  I believe the projects for rehabilitation/development of one of the regions of Georgia was a special one in which I have participated. We have implemented this project by support of World Bank and I believe we have made very important affairs for our country.

– Field where you would never work.

– I could not be a doctor.

 – What factors make a person successful in your field? Besides knowledge, what special features are required.

– Marketing and PR fields were widely established in Georgia several years ago and these fields are being developed stage by stage. We know that in Soviet Period marketing and PR directions were less required. Therefore, these fields have the history of only 25 years in Georgia. If we make comparison to other fields, this is a very short period for developing these fields.

As to what factors lead a person to success in this field:

  1. Initiativity is a very important component. We should not be afraid of new ideas and their implementation;
  2. We should have good understanding of consumer needs and then we should correctly plan how to show up our products and services. This signifies we should always think as a consumer, not as a producer or seller.
  3. You should be self-organized, because this is a field, where you have to take into account many details to be successful and organizational skills are required to cope with so many details. To put simply, all components of classical management are represented in this business.

– Is it possible today in Georgia to learn PR at professional level, or international knowledge and experience are required?

– Today Georgia provides various opportunities to learn PR profession. We have qualified lecturers, trainers, who are practitioner specialists  with due experience to transmit all details and skills to listeners and students. The main thing is that we should know instruments of modern PR communications and international technologies and  it is possible to receive required knowledge and practical recommendations in Georgia too that will help you in successful fulfillment of PR manager’s functions.

– Is PR field perceived  and understood in Georgia in its classical nature?

-In Georgia PR is mostly used for neutralizing fire hazards. This is an erroneous attitude. If PR and marketing cohabit in company strategy, if it analyzes factors, results and feels the pulse, then business is also developed dynamically and companies do not have to expect fire hazards either.

 – How easily do you settle crisis situations and take decisions? Do similar factors damage working process?

– We always have to cope with emergency situations when leading a big organization and a big structural unit in this organization. A manager studies these cases and in the course of time acquires due experience and takes required decisions in similar situations. I believe this is one of the strongest aspects of me.

-Interesting episode from your life that has changed your lifestyle.

-I would remember the episode, when at one of Tbilisi cafes I and my friends set plans for continuation of my studies abroad. Later this decision turned out decisive for valuable advancement of my career. I believe this episode has changed my life.

– Where would you try efforts if not this profession?

– If not PR and marketing fields, I would work in public sector anyway, where I have spent many years. However, I always had aspirations for banking sector marketing and PR directions. We know that not only business sector applies these directions.

– What are your strong personal features?

– I would name several ones. The main thing is to apply them in everyday life:

  1. I always try to listen to everybody, especially inferior staff, because they express the frankest positions.
  2. I always try to be self-organized;
  3. I try to be friendly, not sever at office.

-What does the employer company give you? What makes it interesting for you?

-Silknet company has been operating on telecommunications market since 2010 and it is leader in supply of telecommunications services. We hold major market ratios in  internet and television segments. The company employs about 1500 persons. It is very interesting for work in such a big company. Telecommunications sector is being developed at quick paces and we do not have time to relax. Even more so, our company has the name of a leader and stable business. All of us wants to establish cutting-edge technologies in Georgia. This is our certain responsibility before our subscribers. Therefore, we permanently seek, analyze and make advancements.

It is also very important to organize a valuable team. I communicate with partner organizations, many interesting people in everyday regime. Themes and initiatives that I have been implementing jointly with my team finally creates my career and biography. To put simply, working for Silknet brings many good friends and good experience.

– What makes major discomfort in working process?

– My attitude to project, business. If I think I am making  an incorrect project, I cannot perform the job at valuable level.

– Where do you see yourself after 20 years?

-I have never thought about this. But now I guessed that after 20 years I would like to live with my family members and friends in everyday life with interesting business and more results.