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Georgia is on Par with European Countries in Terms of Telecommunication

Company “Huawei” started operating in Georgia in 2000 and after successful 16 years played significant role in countries’ telecommunication market development.

“We are on the same page with most of the European countries, in terms of telecommunication. We already have supported Magticom, which has launched 4.5G network that currently is the most advanced commercial technology in the world. I can say that Huawei Georgia developed together with Georgian Telecom market.  In 2000 we started with only 5 employees in a small hotel meeting room, in 2007 we cooperated with Magticom and built the first CDMA network in Georgia.  2013 – we supported Magticom to renew their 2/3G network in west region, at that moment Huawei’s development in Georgia stepped on a fast track. Now in 2016, we have 300 employees and our equipment is serving to more than 75% of the mobile users in Georgia, which is significant achievement” – declared General Director of Huawei, James Liang.

– Most of the readers know you as a producer of mobile devices and tablets, but technology development side of the company is one of the most impressive direction.  What would you comment on this topic?

– “Yes, it is interesting that most of the population knows Huawei , for its mobile phones, because this is what you mostly see is shops or in advertisements. But what you may not know is that we are providing telecommunication services for most of Georgian population. Huawei started with carrier business in 1987. Within these 29 years, company was concentrating on the telecommunication technology development. Starting from switches to Optical Networks like DWDM/GPON, then 2G /3G /now 4G networks. Let’s say in 2G era we were new comers in the Mobile market, in 3G era we catch up and became a major player, now, in 4G, 4.5G era we are leading in the technology.  In terms of Georgian market, if you are a Magticom mobile network user, or you are a Geocell mobile network user and using mobile phone in West region like Batumi or Kutaisi, then backside is Huawei’s equipment and solution which is providing service. We are cooperating with Magticom to build their new IPTV system that is just launched. We will keep trying our best to provide better service with higher quality.

– What about Huawei team all over the world?

– “We have 176,000 employees all over the world, with 79,000 R&D employees. Besides, we have 16 R&D centers and 36 Joint innovation centers all over the world that will ensure Huawei and our Customers to keep leading positions in technology”.

– Let’s talk about the recent event you had, briefly tell us about “Huawei Information and Communication Technologies Exhibition Tour in Central Asia 2016”,  as we know, Tbilisi was one of the first destinations of the event.

– “Nowadays Georgia is becoming more and more important for Huawei business in CA&C region and the pioneer in terms of ICT development in the key position of the Silk Road connected to China. The aim of the event was to bring the most advanced technology developed by Huawei to Georgian Market. In the exhibition truck located in Tbilisi, visitors could see the latest services like VoLTE etc…If you are a 4G user, when calling your friend you are facing an unpleasant 8-10 second waiting time. If we deploy VoLTE solution in operators’ Core network, the waiting time will become Less than 2 seconds and you may nearly not feel it, your friend will receive your call immediately after you dial the number. The event was attended by Georgian operators, representatives of Georgian government and business partners”.

– Let’s talk about Huawei’s future plans, after 16 successful years on the Georgian market.

– “First of all we are staying on the market and will keep supporting our customers to provide better service to their customers, bringing new technologies like VoLTE /5G/ IOT etc.. in order to build a better-connected Georgia and enrich communication and life. Now we are also starting the Enterprise business in Georgia. We provide very good IT equipment like Server/Storage and UPS etc. with higher capability and less energy consumption. We also provide Cloud computing, smart city, and Safe city solution to make people’s life more convenient and safe.  In this field, we are ready to share the benefits with all of our end users and partners”.