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Georgia Needs Enterprises Working with the Use of Local Raw Materials

Georgia Needs Enterprises Working with the Use of Local Raw Materials

An interview with businessman Caesar Chocheli

Georgia still remains a poor country. What should be done to overcome this?
We will not overcome poverty until jobs are created in the country and people have the opportunity to fend for themselves. To do this, we need to create as many jobs as possible, respectively, we have to build new plants, develop tourism, and only after that it will be possible to get out of this state. There is no alternative, and I do not think that somewhere there is a country that has overcome poverty without creating jobs.

Government programs, such as “Produced in Georgia”, are focused on the creation of enterprises. What else can the authorities do for this?
These programs are of course good, and I praised them when they were just announced. The only thing which I did not agree then and I cannot agree now is limitation on the amount. Today the country needs any enterprises – small, medium, and large. Apart from programs, the desire of both government and society, and of course, business is necessarily. But if you pay attention to the topics of news programs on TV, you can see that during the day maximum half an hour is devoted to business and economics, all the rest of the time is given to politics .
So one of the problems is that there is not enough serious media outlets whose sole focus is business. Their number should increase in order people to be less interested in politics, and more – in economy. And now, instead of thinking about the welfare of their families, people are convinced that tomorrow everything will be better by itself, so they passively wait for improvements. Instead of weaving political intrigues, it will be better to engage in economic issues.

Prime Minister said that one of the problems is a misuse of resources. Do you agree with this opinion?
Georgia has few resources, but they are sufficient to develop local production. If today we have some production, it is largely dependent on imported raw materials. We need to develop these sectors where local raw materials can be used. Accordingly, in such a situation imports and the outflow of currency will reduce.

Which industries can we speak about?
These are agriculture, processing industry, production of building materials. For example clay, from which we can produce ceramic products, which today is 100% imported. And for example, canning production – 70% of canned products are imported, while Georgia has everything necessary for its development. Just so and not otherwise we can overcome poverty in the country, which is now a global world problem.