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Georgia to Launch Fuel Imports from Iran

Georgia to Launch Fuel Imports from Iran

In the near future Georgia will launch fuel imports from Iran, the Rezonansi newspaper reports.

Previously, Georgia-based importer companies refrained from imports of Iranian fuel because of its low quality, but now Iran is ready to launch European-standard fuel production. As a result, Georgian oil importer companies consider Iran as one of the perspective directions, Georgia Union of Oil Importers, reports.

It is expected that ratio of Russian, Turkmen and Ukrainian fuel products grow in fuel imports. Currently, consolidated ratio of Russian and Turkmen fuel products in Georgia’s total fuel imports is 25%, European fuel accounts for 60% ratio. Georgia has recently launched imports from Ukraine too and Ukraine’s ratio is only 3%.

Imports range was expanded because of sharpened market competition. Small and medium companies lacked for this opportunity previously. Imports from these countries are growing because of affordable tariffs, specialists noted.

“As reported, sanctions were removed from Iran, but at this stage this country cannot produce high-quality fuel. However, Iran will establish European standards in the near future and Georgia will launch imports of Iranian fuel”, Vano Mtvralashvili told the newspaper.