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Georgia Continues Negotiations on Opening Amazon Logistics Center

Georgian officials have met with representatives of Amazon company and discussed the logistics center construction issues. After the first meeting, Amazon representatives suggested Georgian party to keep communication with managers of specific directions, Giorgi Tsikolia, temporary envoy of Georgian affairs in the USA, noted.

“We held communication concerning the logistics center after December. There are two business models. According to the first model, the company will establish a logistics center and supply its own products to a certain market. Another model also implies analogical logistics center, but with different concept. In this case Amazon operates as a mediator and supplies products of major companies to certain markets”, Tsikolia said and pointed out that in this case Georgian manufacturers will easier penetrate various markets.

“I believe our communication will continue. Three key positive aspects related to Georgia are as follows: We own certain position and Georgia is a perceptible country with growing democracy, which aspires for Europe and which has a quite strong platform of relations with the USA. At the same time, it is famous that based on our geographical location, our country is positioned as one of the leading players. Silk Road project is very important for  the USA, for both government and private sectors. Georgia’s role in the project implementation and expansion of this role will bring positive effects in terms of growth in US investment inflows.

We keep implementing reforms and Georgia is considered to be one of the most successful reformatory countries”, Tsikolia said.