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Georgia Advances to the 6th Position in Doing Business Rating

Georgia has progressed to the 6th position in the World Bank (WB) rating of Doing Business, according to the new report by the World Bank Group.

Georgia has essentially improved its indicators among 190 countries and moved to the 6th position from 9th place of 2017, while the country ranked 16th in 2016. This is the best result Georgia has recorded ever.

The rating comprises various criteria. Georgia has recorded the best result in terms of protection of minority stakeholders and ranks second worldwide like the year of 2017. The country ranks fourth in terms of starting business and in terms of property registration.

Georgia has recorded one the worst results in the criterion of Trade without Borders, under which the country ranks 43rd.

In the World Bank rating Georgia’s rating point is 83.28. As compared to 2017 (82.04), Georgia’s rating point has increased. At the same time, Georgia’s rating point surpasses the region’s averaged point (72.3).

  • According to the World Bank, Georgia ranks 6th in Doing Business simplicity. Macedonia is also recorded in top 10 countries.
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore;
  • Denmark;
  • Hong-Kong
  • South Korea;
  • Georgia
  • Norway
  • The USA
  • Great Britain
  • Macedonia

Georgia has recorded the best progress in the component of tax payments (1.89 point growth). The WB rating has appraised 190 countries worldwide. Georgia has not worsened any criterion in the 2018 report.

The Doing Business is the most influential international rating, where Georgia has advanced to the 6