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Geoplant to Produce Bio Tea in 2018

Vladimer Meskhi, GeoPlant administrative director:

I would not complain about the year of 2017. Our company is oriented on novelties and we had certain difficulties that, as a rule, accompany innovations.

We introduced Gurieli tea on Georgian market in 2010. In about 2 months we managed to take control on 13% of the market. At this stage, our market ratio exceeds 23%. In 2017 we introduced several new products on the market. We pay serious attention to the market of raw materials. This is a difficult case, but our development is impossible without this component. We have issued Christmas tea – Prince Gurieli. It is an attractive and efficient product. At this stage, we have about 50 varieties of tea and we cover all segments. We also take steps in the exports direction. We supply products to European market, Central Asia market. Our ratio on Russian market is unimportant because of many risks.

We plan to develop the direction of bio tea. Therefore, we pay special attention to plantations. We will start developing this segment in 2018. It is not ruled out to launch white tea production too.

In 2015 we organized a new tea packing enterprise in Ozurgeti. We put considerable investments. We have bought high-level production equipment in various countries.

Two-month currency markets fluctuations should be considered as one of the key challenges in 2017.