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Geocell is Well on Its Way to Continue Massive Network Modernization Works

Company offers enhanced 4G network and other advanced technological solutions to make a different customer experience all over the country.

Silknet and Geocell, having been united as one company, firstly aim at offering the best class services to its customers. In this regard, intensive work is ongoing in the network according to the plan. Here is a company message to its subscribers regarding the results of the latest work:

At this stage of active rollout process, we’d like to share current results. Massive modernization done in Geocell network will make a significant difference in customer experience, when it comes to flowless mobile 4G services in terms of coverage and quality. As outcome of these works there might be some disturbancies in service quality for subscribers in Tbilisi within the coming 3-4 weeks. We apologize for possible discomfort.

We’d also like to mention number of other positive news to our customers: it’s been several weeks, since we’ve implemented a so called LTE-Advanced Technologies in Batumi. This will allow our subscribers in the central part of the city, experience benefits of super high internet speed – 430 Mb/sec, for which one needs to use mobile phones supporting the mentioned technology. As we’ve previously informed our customers, we’ve been offering the fastest 4.5G LTE network to our customers in Batumi starting from June.

There is a significant improvement in voice services as well. Several weeks ago we’ve launched HD Voice technologies in a testing mode in 3G network all over the country. This significantly improved the voice quality of calls.

Company continues its large scale works for network modernization, so that much more news and surprises are awaiting our customers in the new future.