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Geocell introduces digital signature

Geocell Introduces Digital Signature

April 5th – Green, innovative service in Geocell shops

Geocell, with the support of State Service Development Agency, offers its customers digital signature service valid for the whole country starting from the end of March. During the service, customer fixes his electronic signature on a created document that considerably saves his time. All the documentation and procedures will be kept electronically and the customer will have direct access on them.

On April 5, in connection with this a presentation was held in Geocell’s shop by head of the State Service Development Agency, Giorgi Pataridze and CEO of Geocell, Pawel Smalinski.  Giorgi Pataridze, Head of State Service Development Agency: “State Service Development Agency already offers supportive services to this innovative product (electronic signature), namely “Timestmp” is offered to all those private sector companies that are orientated to utilizing modern technologies and caring for providing comfort to its clientele. This service considerably saves the services time, which will be very convenient for customers“.

This initiative is especially important from environmental perspective. Implementation of electronic signature will make it possible to avoid paper use as much as possible. It has to be mentioned, that there is a lot of paper used in all service sphere, which negatively affects the environment.  Therefore, with this service the country and the private company together with its customers unite efforts, together becoming a part of global initiative aimed at environmental protection.

CEO of Geocell, Pawel Smalinski comments: “We keep a constant track on developing innovative approach in service area. This time we have launched one more, innovative service for our customers – electronic signature. This service will enable our subscribers to experience much simplified procedure and become part of the innovation. Besides the innovation and comfort, this service is very important from environmental perspective. Having implemented the electronic signature service, our company and our customers became part of the important green initiative making savings of huge amount of paper every year. I’m really proud, that together with our customers we’ll take care of our environment”.

source: commersant